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The Process

Consulting, at best, can be described as a liquid process.  One that is required to flow and be defined by each individual need, specifically for that business or individual.

Generally, these are the first few steps:

  • Meet to gain a general perspective of the needs of the company or individual
  • Review and evaluate appropriate materials and current situation of the company or business
  • Determine if I am the right fit for success with the needs of the customer
  • Create a light plan of action for the customer, and for the customer to determine if I am the right fit for them.

At this point, a contract would be created with specific elements of time, tasks, resources and solid action items.

Again, this process if liquid and is always changing.  Please contact me for more information.

Thank you!


It is my goal to help start-ups or existing businesses bridge the gap between their goals, ambitions and the reality of the business world we deal with on a daily basis.

It has been a pleasure of mine to:

  • Create niche food service business generating profits of over 2 million per year.
  • Restructure major NCAA Strength and Conditioning programs to decades of success.
  • Tweak fitness concepts saving close to a million
  • Connect and facilitate major land projects of over 10 million

My current clients include apparel companies, health food suppliers and services, fitness facilities, community facilities and more. A list of clients can be provided by request. 

Consulting services

Take advantage of my decades of education, experience, networking, team building and leadership development to improve your business