It is my goal to help start-ups or existing businesses bridge the gapbetween their goals, ambitions and the reality of the business world we

deal with on a daily basis. It has been a pleasure of mine to: 

Create niche food service business generating profits of over $2 million per year.

Restructure major NCAA Strength and Conditioning programs to decades of success.

Tweak fitness concepts saving close to $1 million.

Connect and facilitate major land projects of over $10 million

​My current clients include apparel companies, health food suppliers and services, fitness facilities, community facilities and more.






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jason c powell

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Natural athlete

Fitness Professional 


The JCP Way



 Jason C Powell is a life-time alcohol and drug-free athlete. Through hard work, sacrifice and dedication, he has overcome many obstacles to become a successful martial artist, professional bodybuilder, spokesperson for Optimum Nutrition, fitness professional and strength & conditioning coach.


With his vast knowledge and expertise in areas of kinesiology, biomechanics, advanced nutrition and heavy exposure to a wide spectrum of professional sports, Jason accomplishes nothing short of total success at every level.

Custom Plans

 Whether you're looking to slim down, bulk up or train for a competition, JCP has a custom plan for you!  Nutrition and/or Training Plans are available.

Basic Plans:  

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