Jason C Powell is a dynamic individual with a passion for helping others. Using his high level of education, world travels, unique business experiences and innate ability to observe, understand and act on human behavior, Jason has successfully guided several start-ups to become successful and sustainable businesses.  He mentors many individuals, with a focus on veterans, in their personal lives and professional lives, guiding them through the good, bad and even steady times.

Passion, patience and execution are the primary tools for success.  With these, along with hard work, sacrifice and dedication, success is the only option.

Jason has vast knowledge and expertise in human behavior, human sciences, athletic performance, advanced nutrition and heavy exposure to a wide scope of business and professional sports.

Jason does manage, suffer and battle PTSD and is an advocate for helping others share his own victories in managing this condition.

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It is my goal to help people, groups, companies, or even start-ups bridge the gapbetween their goals, ambitions and the reality of the business world we deal with on a daily basis. It is my passion to help people, personally or professionally, and see that help manifest into success for that person or group. I love to see folks win!

It has been a pleasure of mine to:

  • Create niche food service business generating profits of over $3 million per year.
  • Restructure major NCAA Strength and Conditioning programs to decades of success.
  • Tweak fitness concepts saving close to $1 million.
  • Connect and facilitate major land projects of over $10 million
  • Save and help the lives of numerous veterans suffering from PTSD/TBI.
  • Guide hundreds of individuals to become successful entrepreneurs. By their own definitions of success.

​My current clients include apparel companies, nutritional and sports supplement companies, health food suppliers and services, fitness facilities, community facilities and more.

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